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PeptiMatrix Core

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Science Lab


We are a team of matrix biologists, cancer scientists, toxicologists, and biomaterial engineers who have worked together to develop an innovative, animal-free solution for 3D cell culture.

We have done this with the support of the NC3Rs, BBSRC, and EPSRC. By combining the skills and expertise of individuals across a broad range of scientific backgrounds we are able to develop technologies that address a variety of unmet challenges in 3D in vitro modelling.

Our mission is to provide researchers a better way to model development and disease that is more reproducible, reliable, and ethical.

To learn more about our story so far, and to meet the team, follow the link below.

Embryonic Stem Cells


PeptiMatrix™ is a fully synthetic and customisable peptide hydrogel platform designed for 3D cell culture, offering researchers a better solution for modelling development and disease in a more human-relevant way.


Developed with support from the NC3Rs, BBSRC, and EPSRC, the technology is also entirely animal-free and aims to reduce, and eventually replace, the use of animals and animal-derived products in drug development and investigative research.


It is also highly reproducible, optically transparent, supplied ready-to-use, and is compatible with a variety of typical end-point experiments.


To learn more about our technology, and how PeptiMatrix™ could help you in your research, follow the link below.



PeptiMatrix Limited,

Biodiscovery Institute,

Nottingham, NG7 2RD

If you would like to know more about our technology, or would like to be one of the first to trial one of our future products, please get in touch!

+44 7599 442871

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