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PeptiMatrix Core

PeptiMatrix™ Core is an innovative, self-assembling peptide hydrogel (SAPH) that was designed to address all the shortcomings of current in vitro model platforms.

It is well-defined, reproducible, optically transparent, and entirely animal-free. It is also supplied ready-to-use, in a range of different stiffnesses, and is stable at room temperature. All you need to do is combine with your cells of interest and plate out. It is also customisable by the end user by encapsulating selected matrix proteins or glycosaminoglycans (GAGs) alongside cells to build more representative models of development and disease.

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*As evaluated by bulk osscilitory rheology. Other methods of measuring stiffness may yield different results. For full details, email

We can also offer discounts if ordering in bulk or for repeat orders.

Don't see your desired tissue stiffness in the table above?

Get in touch, and we can work with you to design a bespoke hydrogel that fits your specific requirements.


Because PeptiMatrix™ Core is available in a range of different stiffnesses, and because it can be further customised by the end user with selected matrix proteins or glycoasminoglycans (GAGs), it can be used to create a variety of tissue mimics and is compatible across a range of different applications.


This technology has been successfully trialled in partner labs across the globe and has been so far validated for the following cell types:

We have also tested our technology for compatibility across multiple standard analytical assays, including:

  • Immunocytochemistry

  • Immunohistochemistry

    • Including embedding the hydrogels for sectioning

  • Fluorescent and luminescence readouts using a plate reader

    • Including standard cell viability assays

  • RNA and DNA extraction

  • Proteomic and Glycomic analysis

  • Bulk osscilitory rheology
  • Microrheology

    • Including optical trapping and AFM-based rheomtry

Additionally, cells can be extracted in a cell-friendly manner for re-seeding or downstream processing, allowing greater compatibility with a variety of other standard assays.

Fully optimised Standard Operating Protocols (SOPs) for any of these, and more, are freely available by emailing


Below are some key examples where researchers were able to leverage our hydrogel technology to build more physiologically relevant models of development and disease.


How to Order

By understanding a little about your research goals, we can match you with the right product that has the right mechanical and biological properties for your application.

That why we offer a free consultation to all our new customers.

But don't worry, we've made the process as simple and straightforward as possible. Requesting a quote from us is as easy as 1, 2, 3...


Get in touch!

Complete the form below to request a quote for PeptiMatrix Core. Please include what cell lines/applications you are interested in.


Free consultation

One of our team will be in touch to offer you a free consultation, so that we can better understand your specific research needs and tailor the quote especially for you!


Quote sent for review

After your free consultation, we will send you your quote for review, with guidance on how you can place your order. Current lead times are 1-2 weeks.

Request a Quote


If you would like to request a quote for PeptiMatrix Core, please fill in the form below.

And if you're still unsure whether PeptiMatrix Core is the right product for you, you can also request a free consultation with one of our team who will be able to answer any questions you might have.

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